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A very warm welcome to the new blog Frank Dobson MP. I intend to add quite a few bits n' bobs to this site so please bear with me as it changes appearance.

Just in case you aren't aware what this is all about you can start at Tim Ireland's (Bloggerheads) Blog your MP and his Tim Yeo site. I'm a believer in democracy and freedom of information and I hope you are too. Unfortunately New Labour has been quite slow off the mark in the latter. David Clarke, the first Minister who was responsible for its implementation claimed in public that he was being sabotaged by some of his colleagues. David Clarke's Ministerial position was not renewed. Like many of the other items that New Labour promised in its early days we are still waiting for a Freedom of Information Act.

Like Tim I believe that considering how cheap it is to make a blog there is no good reason why any elected representative or even prospective candidate from Councillor upwards shouldn't have a website so we can all see what they are doing in our name.
The only time I have ever had an unsolicited communication from any MP that wasn't an overt electoral campaign leaflet was roughly six years ago from Frank Dobson, my current MP. It was a signed Christmas card which I received a couple of months after he was cajoled into becoming the official Labour Party candidate to block the possibility of Ken Livingstone becoming the Mayor for London.

This is an non-partisan project. For the record I have hardly voted in my life. I did vote Labour in the landslide 1997 General Election and I would call myself centre-left in my political outlook. However I would vote for any other party if it proved to be closer to the centre ground than Labour.
The current Labour government is the most neo-liberal government the UK has had in living memory. It is currently politically situated somewhere on the right wing of the Christian (definitely not Social) Democrats. I don't object to them being politically situated there but it is unhelpful for ordinary members of the public who want to form an informed opinion regarding who to vote for when the Labour leadership regularly claims to be Social Democrat and many of its backbench MPs say it's Socialist. In practice it's neither.

The first maxim one of my Politics lecturers instilled in us was that Politics is the study of what a political party claims to do and what it actually does in practice.

Nobody can make an informed decision on who to vote for unless they have as much *useful* information as possible on their MP. Although most of the pundits are saying there won't be a General Election till the middle of next year, it is feasible that we could have one as early as this November.

If Frank Dobson MP would like to post items on this blog he is more than welcome.

Welcome to the team, ampersand!


Good luck with the project.

Just wondering though is this the Freedom of Information Act you were looking for, or did you want another one?


All the best,


Just to let you know that I've added you to an aggregator of UK Political Blogs I built over the weekend.

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